Payroll outsourcing: pros, cons, and how to do it successfully

outsource payroll

The services let workers enter direct deposit information, and you connect a business bank account on the employer end, so payroll runs without you having to print and deliver checks. TriNet has a 3.8 and 4.0 star review on Capterra and G2 respectively, with 649 user reviews total. Users say the software is extremely easy to use and has comprehensive features. They also say TriNet’s customer support is responsive (responding within just minutes of inquiry submission) and knowledgeable.

outsource payroll

Flexible Package Options

outsource payroll

I would have preferred to be contacted some other way to be asked to buy more products from Wave or its partners. Once set up, the account brought me to an initial reporting dashboard. The dashboard had a handful of reports and optional action items but didn’t feel cluttered or overwhelming.

  1. Payroll errors can be costly, and serious ones can even shut a business down.
  2. Being able to respond to market and environmental changes is where HR can shine.
  3. Gusto includes features that might appeal particularly to modern startup workers, including automated charitable donations.
  4. Before diving into whether or not outsourcing payroll is the correct decision for you and your business, look at some of the downsides.
  5. To make better use of your time, you can use a payroll service company for processing payroll and automatically handle the tax and benefit withholdings too.

How much does it cost to outsource payroll?

You might need to opt for paid add-ons to ensure you have all the “must have” features in your payroll service. If you can squeeze some “good to have” features as well, do so but don’t overextend yourself. True to its name, one change in the payroll system creates an automated ripple effect, updating all aspects of payroll that are impacted. For example, if an employee moves to begin a new role after being promoted, the hiring manager may change that employee’s compensation. This change initiates changes in tax withholdings, tax filings, payroll calculations, healthcare deductions and more, all without the manager having to lift a finger.

Can I Do Payroll Online?

When you hire a new employee or contractor, Paychex also automatically reports all new hires to the appropriate state registry to spare you a headache. This can be a great option if you are self-employed and want to run payroll. Access Xero features for 30 days, then decide which plan best suits your business. Payroll can become messy and stressful when you have several employees. Christie Schmidt and Sarah Johnson join Morgan Beard to highlight industry-first technology and why it’s vital to millions of employees. Since you’re trusting another company with personal and financial data, you need to be sure that it is compliant and able to protect against data theft.

outsource payroll

Increased Focus on Core Functions

You can add on benefits administration for an extra fee and let employees manage and enroll in benefits through the self-service portal, as well. For managing contract employees, the platform auto-generates Form 1099 when needed and grants contractors self-serve access to key tax documents. It also allows you to customize how you pay contracts with multiple pay options.

Your payroll outsourcing questions answered

Paying international freelancers is more complicated than paying domestic W-2 employees, and not every provider can, well, provide that. So start by clarifying what you need in this category, then build from there. If you can’t legally pay your crew, it’s not a solution — it’s a financial timebomb.

UKG Pro is a powerful global human capital management solution focused on keeping employees productive, connected and happy. UKG provides a full suite of HR and workforce management how to calculate depreciation expense for business solutions to help you manage the complete life cycle of an employee. UKG Pro offers robust payroll capabilities, talent management, workforce planning, analytics and much more.

Access critical information or work with a dedicated HR professional to help stay up to date on federal, state, and local legislative changes – while our payroll management system helps simplify your payday. We’ll help collect any necessary information and process your first few payrolls for a smooth payroll management transition. The right payroll solution will be one that provides positive answers for all three. But TriNet’s bread and butter is the HR services, specifically finding, vetting and onboarding talent for their clients. And in a business ecosystem that’s as temperamental as it is now, having a trusted team to handle the hassle of bringing in new talent is an advantage indeed.

Hiring out the work can, when all goes well, provide significant advantages and cost savings. The only types of businesses that identify payroll management as a core function are, well, the payroll outsourcing providers themselves. Outsourcing payroll stands to greatly reduce a major administrative distraction for most companies, allowing them to “cut the fat” from their employee rosters and keep their organizations focused on other tasks. Another benefit to outsourcing is that payroll functions can be assumed by providers specializing in effective payroll management. For most companies, performing payroll functions in-house amounts to nothing more than an important housekeeping duty; the company itself is expert in something entirely different. A payroll outsourcing provider or “payroll service bureau,” on the other hand, may perform payroll functions and nothing else.

In 2024, a wide selection of “payroll outsourcing providers” are to be found both domestically and internationally. While different companies will have different criteria for evaluating a good match, they all must ensure a provider maintains adequate protections for employee data and complies with relevant regulations. Firstly, it provides access to expertise and technology that might be beyond the reach of some businesses, especially small ones who require small business hr services.

Let them know what’s changing, why you’re doing it, and — most importantly — how it will affect them. Keeping everyone in the loop helps manage expectations, ease any worries or uncertainties, and ensure your team feels informed at every step. As discussed, non-compliance — whether accidental or otherwise — can land your business in hot water.